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    Default Can a 14-Year-Old Child Marry Her 24-Year-Old Boyfriend

    My question involves marriage law for the State of: Colorado

    If my boyfriend gets out of jail anytime soon, we are planning to get married. We had discussed this before and we have been planning it for a while now. Surely i wouldn't need parental consent to marry someone? I mean I'm the one spending my life with him, not my parents. We are even planning on getting matching tattoos, despite being constantly warned not to.

    I also need to get the court injunction my parents have on my boyfriend to keep him away from me removed, any advice?

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    Default Re: Can a 14 Year Old Marry Her 24 Year Old Boyfriend

    The state of Colorado will not allow a 14 year old to marry. Period.

    The state of Colorado will not allow a 15 year old to marry without parental consent AND the consent of the court.

    The state of Colorado will not allow a 16 or 17 year old to marry without written, notarized parental consent.

    Don't even bother suggesting that you could run away to another state. There is NO state where a 14 year old can marry without parental consent, judicial consent, or both. Not to mention the fact that crossing state lines with you will just put your boyfriend back in jail.

    No, you can't lie about your age. You're going to have to provide proof. No, you can't provide fake proof - they'll check.

    See, you've been doing this long enough so I can anticipate your ridiculous questions.

    Have fun in military school.

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