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    Default DWI Charges in Two States at Once

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Missouri/Virginia

    I recieved a DWI in the state of Missouri and did everything i needed to do to get my license back. ( court costs, improvement class, carried special insurance, reinstatement fee) but as i went to get my license back i was told there was a hold on my license in the state of va. I did live in va and had a valid driverse license there. I had a suspension in the state of va and surrendered my license over to obtain my missouri DL which is my state of residence. I called the va dmv about the hold on my license. They informed me that my va license was still valid and i recieved a dwi therefor i have to go through their version of an improvement class, carry their special insurance, and pay their reinstatement fee. I recieved my dwi in the state of missouri with my valid missouri drivers license. I no longer had a va DL. I have already completed everything i need in the state of Missouri. I didnt think my va license was still valid. It has a stamp saying void on it so i thought it was invalid. I dont have time to go to va and take another 50 hour class or pay another fine. I dont understand why i should have to do everything again for the state of va.

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    Default Re: DWI Charges in Two States at Once

    "I had a suspension in the state of va and surrendered my license over to obtain my missouri DL which is my state of residence."

    what did you get your hold/suspension of the license in VA for? Was it before you moved to Missouri and before you got the new license there? It could be that whatever happened in VA is finally catching up with you and that you got lucky in getting the original Missouri license.

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