My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: Colorado

I have a tenant in my home who is on my insurance as a driver. The car he was driving yesterday has full coverage. The accident was clearly the other drivers fault and he was sited as such by the police. Come to find out my driver has a suspended license and had no idea since he had moved to a new address (mine).

In this state you can put a sticker on the back of our license instead of going down to get a new one to update your address.

His license was suspended because of an unpaid fee.

Me car is totaled. The other vehicle is a company pick up truck not totaled.

I spoke with a lawyer but he wants to talk about the drivers injuries. His complaining of stiffness and pain in his back and neck.

So the question my car covered and if he goes in for medical treatment is that covered if he had a suspended license. How was my insurance company not notified when he got suspended....I'm lost.

I want to know if my car is covered before I make a claim and it goes against me and my insurance goes up.