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    Question Can You Sue a Doctor's Office for Using Racial Slurs

    My question involves court procedures for the state of Ohio

    Hello everyone,

    I visited a dermatology doctor a few weeks ago and for some reason he did not like me I always record my visits with my cell so I can always double check his instructions but this time I just happened to get him and his assistant saying a couple of very bad words and using a couple of very bad gestures towards me in my face I did not say anything I stayed calm the audio is clear and concise.

    So I was wondering how should I move forward with a Complaint and Law suit against this medical doctor that is employed by a very large hospital with several branches across the USA.

    Or do I have a case since there is no visual but audio?


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    Default Re: Doctor and Assistant Using Racial Slurs and Other Racial Tones Towards Me on Audi

    You do not have a case anyway. Bad language is not criminal and you do not appear to have suffered any damages other than hurt feelings.

    If you feel you must take action, complain to the hospital administration. Do not expect to be told what action, if any, is taken against the doctor.

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    Default Re: Doctor and Assistant Using Racial Slurs and Other Racial Tones Towards Me on Audi

    No case in terms of a lawsuit. Great case in terms of complaining to his employer or to the media. Complain away - just make sure everything you say is 100% true.

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    Default Re: Doctor and Assistant Using Racial Slurs and Other Racial Tones Towards Me on Audi

    In some States it is not legal to record someone without their permission.

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    Default Re: Doctor and Assistant Using Racial Slurs and Other Racial Tones Towards Me on Audi

    Under Title II of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964 it is illegal for a place of public accommodation, which includes pretty much any business open to the public, to discriminate against persons on the basis of race in the provision of their goods and services. Put another way, the business cannot deny service or provide lesser goods or services to customers because of their race. Violations of that law are only enforceable by injunction, which means that you can get a court order to prohibit the business from continuing the discrimination but you cannot get money damages. (But you can get your attorney’s fees if you win.) I can see an argument for there being illegal discrimination in calling you racial slurs to your face and using offensive gestures because that would discourage you from doing business there, thus depriving you of equal access to the goods and services of business. But even if that argument works, all you can do under federal law is get a court order prohibiting them from doing it again in the future. You might want to try contacting the head of the hospital first and make your complaint. That might accomplish the same thing.

    Ohio law also has a provision barring racial discrimination by places of public accommodation. I could not find any place where it allows you to sue for money damages for that, but my search was not complete either. You might want to discuss it with an Ohio attorney who litigates civil rights claims. Even if you can get money damages, though, I suspect a single instance of using a few racial slurs might not get you much in damages.

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