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    Default Excessive Painting and Repair Charges from a Landlord

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: California

    I recently moved out of my apartment. The security deposit for the apartment and my cat was $1,000. I was just mailed my security deposit back and have a whopping $440 left. With the deposit were copies of the bills for services that were done at my apartment after I moved. These services include: repainting, shampooing the carpet, and cleaning. There was also a $100 late fee (for paying when I moved out, even though I had confirmed with the leasing office that it was acceptable and would come without penalty). Just before I moved into the apartment, the apartment was repainted and new carpets were put in. The apartment company had an approved color wheel that I was allowed to select from and then they painted my bedroom for me before I moved in (with my chosen color). I lived in my apartment for 7.5 months.

    The bills are handwritten and are nearly illegible. There are multiple apartments on each bill and mine is simply highlighted. It's not clear what is being charged for.

    From what I can determine, I am being charged for repainting the entire apartment--including covering up a custom color in the bedroom. My leasing agreement only states that if there are damages to enamel walls, I would have to pay. There are no enamel walls that were repainted. And the custom color was theirs and done by their painters. I did not sign anything that held me financially responsible for that and was told it was free when I chose it. The carpets were brand new, my cat did not have a single accident and I was hardly ever home. I kept them very clean. They also said there was a "dye spot" in the bedroom, which was not there when I turned my keys in. They charged me to fix it.

    Am I justified in expecting to have the money for these services returned to me? Can I ask for pictures of the dye spot and damages to the walls that "required" repainting?

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    Default Re: Apartment Company Breaking Leasing Agreement

    Did you take any pictures when you moved out to show the condition of the apartment? Do you have anything that proves what kind of condition you left it in?

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    Default Re: Apartment Company Breaking Leasing Agreement

    No, I did not. I am kicking myself, too. This was my first apartment and I had no idea that this would be such an ordeal. The women in the leasing office assured me that I would not be charged for anything unless I had punched holes in the walls or spilled bleach on the carpet or the like. I had asked the leasing office if I needed to be present for a final walkthrough and that same woman told me that unless there was damage to the apartment that I was concerned about, it really wasn't necessary and I would get my full deposit back. Can I not put the burden of proof on them, since they are the ones charging me for these things?

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    Default Re: Apartment Company Breaking Leasing Agreement

    Review this regarding security deposit return in California:


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