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    Lightbulb How Long Can a Repair Shop Extend a Service Agreement California

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: California

    So my father purchased a old valuable car. He had a repair shop give an estimate for the service and parts (exceeding $500) which he agreed to. My father paid for parts as it progressed. Time passed and the repair shop was taking longer than estimated on the estimate to complete the repair. They incouraged my father to extend his agreement and to do more work, witch he reluctantly did. So three years have passed and multiple payments have been maid. Many of the reciepts are slopily done having the services written in CHARGES, CREDITS & BALANCE SECTIONS. This makes it hard to determine what has been paid for. The shop owner is still holding the car and we are encouraging him to get it back but we arent sure of how to, and what our legal rights are right now.

    So how long can a repair shop extend a service agreement and what would they need to do that?
    At this point can they legaly keep the car?
    What action should we take to get the car back? i.e. go pay the total balance and sue if he does not return the car (assuming thats an option)

    Thank you in advance for any advice.

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    Default Re: How Long Can a Repair Shop Extend a Service Agreement California

    What do you mean by "extend a service agreement"? Do you mean, how long can a repair shop keep a vehicle while it performs repairs, with the consent of the car's owner? It can do that forever.

    If your father does not pay for repairs completed on the vehicle, or does not collect the vehicle after repairs are complete, then the repair shop may take action pursuant to a mechanic's lien on the vehicle -- it has a possessory lien on the vehicle as a result of its completion of repairs for which payment has not been made. Its rights will depend in part upon the contract it entered with your father (any written documents) and possibly also notices posted on the premises. The process for selling the car under a lien varies depending upon the value of the vehicle (whether its value exceeds $4,000). If your father is not sure whether or not he owes money on the car, he should try to get an accounting of the work (or copies of all statements) from the service center, and compare them to his own records of payment.

    If you are telling us that the repairs are complete, that your father knows an exact balance he would have to pay to get the car back, and that the repair shop will give him the car if he pays that balance, then that would be the fastest way to get the car back. We would have no way of knowing why you're worried that the repair shop might accept an amount that it states would be payment in full and then refuse to return the vehicle -- why do you think that might happen?

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    Default Re: How Long Can a Repair Shop Extend a Service Agreement California

    Thank You Mr. Knowitall

    Sorry for leaving out so much information.

    The repairs are still in progress. Not all have been completed. But the initial estimate was over 10,000.00

    Im guessing since then the bill has gone up.

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