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    Default Hospital Bill in Collections Due to a Billing Error

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Arkansas

    The hospital incorrectly billed the insurance company for a surgical procedure that was performed in Nov. 2015. They billed it as out of network. The insurance paid accordingly. When I received the insurance statement, I disputed the claim.

    After over two years and many phone calls to the hospital and insurance company, the hospital billed correctly and refunded the insurance company the initial payment. As a result, the insurance company paid the correct amount. The last insurance statement dated February 2017, shows the patient responsibility in the amount of $5,178.96.

    Unfortunately, during all of this time, (even after numerous calls to the hospital business office), the original billed amount of $14,172.52 was sent to collections.

    The hospital has never sent a corrected bill.

    What is my legal responsibility?
    Do I have a legal obligation after all of this time?
    Should I contact the hospital again and request a corrected billing statement?
    If I am to make contact, should my requests to any party, whether it be the hospital or the collection agency, be in writing rather than over the phone?

    Thank you in advance for advice/suggestions.

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    Default Re: Hospital Bill in Collections Due to a Billing Error

    Try contacting customer service with your insurance company to have them work out the issue. If the hospital was in-network and accepted reimbursement from your health insurance company, they should not be billing you based upon the prior, incorrect bill.

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    Default Re: Hospital Bill in Collections Due to a Billing Error

    Thank you

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