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    Default Public Road Closure Without Alternate Route

    City of X accepted a request to close a public road for 3 years. The request was made by a housing developer who owns large sections of the areas surrounding the road. No alternate route was provided. Now we have to take our children to and from school everyday through multiple freeways on the opposite side of the development. Not only we have to drive additional miles but also joining the busy interstates is tricky, like needing to change three lanes in 1/2 mile as two interstate free ways are joining.

    When I said no alternate route, there is no other road that is nearby or parallel. For example, one who lives near where the road closure begins now has to drive 20 miles, as opposed to what used to be only 1 miles. What are our rights and what can we do to challenge the road closure?



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    Default Re: Public Road Closure Without Alternate Route

    You should contact a local lawyer who handles municipal law and real estate issues, to discuss the facts, state law and local procedures. As you did not follow the instruction to identify your state, we can't even point you toward the relevant statutes or other legal authority. Also, you have not shared enough information for a meaningful analysis.

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