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    Default What Are Your Rights if News Media Uses Your Video or Photos Without Permission

    My question involves personal property located in the State of: California

    Let's say you shoot a video of a news worthy occurrence and post it on social media. The news media - should they wish to use it - will likely ask for permission. But this raises several questions.

    1) If the news media uses it without your permission, what is your best course of action? Would you be entitled to some sort of settlement?
    2) If the video has been posted on social media, what is your best course of action to prevent news media from using it without your permission?
    3) If the news media requires your permission, then why are they allowed to publish videos - without permission - which one films in which a crime is alleged to have occurred?


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    Default Re: What Are Your Rights if News Media Uses Your Video or Photos Without Permission

    Depending on the material and how it is used by the media, it may be fair use. Depending upon the terms of service for the website through which you post the video, you may also surrender certain rights relating to the use of the video by others.

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