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    Default Workers Comp Doctor is Not Interested in Treating Me, Ignoring My Symptoms

    My question involves workers compensation law for the state: Florida

    In late April I was suffering back pain and extreme discomfort over the course of 3 days before reporting it to my supervisor.

    Original workers comp Doctor put me on "light duty", sent me to physical therapy 3 days a week, when the improvement wasn't satisfactory, he ultimately ordered and MRI, has them evaluated by a radiologist who determined I had 5 herniated discs. He then refers me to orthopedics. About a month and a half later I get taken off light duty, put on Fmla and finally get my appointment with orthopedics a few days later.

    The orthopedics Dr sees me for about 5 minutes and from the moment he enters the room tries to take the cause of my injury off of my job and blames my old age (I'm 35) and asking if I was previously overweight, etc.. My leg has lost feeling from what I was previously told was the herniations pressing against my nerves, he says it's because my pants are too tight (I'm wearing loose sweats). He also claims that "it looks like" the radiologist that diagnosed the herniations just circled everything abnormal and called it a herniation, but this Dr actually had no notes from the radiologist and no printed copies , but rather the original disc from my MRI which I have him.

    He ultimately says that I have just one bulging disc, and wants to send me back to a job that he didn't ask anything about and that I know I can not handle in my current state.

    I tell him that just a couple weeks ago I had a couple nights where I was not able to even roll over in bed, and he just waves it off as "eh,you probably just did something to aggravate it", but he wants to send me back to a extremely physically demanding job that he didn't bother to ask about.

    Please any advice on where I might go from here would be greatly appreciated. I feel pretty lost and helpless at this point.

    (Please forgive me for the short novel)

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    Default Re: Workers Comp Doctor Not Interested in Treating Me, Ignoring My Symptoms

    It's probably time to lawyer up...or at least get a consult with an attorney.

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    Default Re: Workers Comp Doctor is Not Interested in Treating Me, Ignoring My Symptoms

    you can request a change of physician from the carrier.
    you can also ask your doctor for a referral for a second opinion
    more information here

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    Default Re: Workers Comp Doctor is Not Interested in Treating Me, Ignoring My Symptoms

    Were you injured at work? You don't say.

    Why did you wait 3 days? FLA has a 24 hour window, by law, for injury reporting. By not reporting for a few days you may well have screwed yourself.

    Alas, radiologists are wrong more frequently than they'd like to admit. The orthopedist is the doctor with the muscle to make those determinations in the event of a conflict.
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