My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: Utah

I am the primary owner listed on the title of a vehicle, I am also the only one on the registration I have had the vehicle in my possession for the last year and a half and carried Insurance on it. There was a title loan taken out on the vehicle by the secondary person on the title. For the last year and a half I have been making the payments on this title loan even though I am not on the loan itself. I missed a couple payments and the other title owner came and took the car from my possession. There were police involved that I called and she called because she was screaming and causing a scene. The police officer that was called to the scene told me that I did not have to give her the car as I am the primary owner and had the documentation to prove so. Due to me not being on the loan I thought it was best to give her the vehicle. I later called both the Credit Union where the loan is through as well as the DMV and they both told me that I did not need to give the other party my car. And the Credit Union stated that even though I am not on the loan there is proof that I make the payments and own this vehicle and that I have nothing to do with the loan. I am now having issues getting the car back as the other party has refused to give it back to me. I would like to know what my rights are. Do I have the right to go to her residence with a police officer and take possession of my car.