My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: Texas. A couple years back I bought a truck but didn't have an ID during that time so a family member took it out for me and I made the payments.
I paid off the truck over the years. After I paid it off, me and the family member got into a argument and he took my truck when i was at work.
I tried to get it back but he wont give me the keys and says his name is on the title and he going to keep the truck.
I have the title on hand with his name but he wont sign the title transfer.
Is there anything i can do, to transfer the name on the title to mines and take back my truck legally
we did get the truck from a mom and pops car lot but i lost contact with them over the years.
i have no proof of payments or anything that's under my name on the truck besides the insurance.
Or this one of those life lesson that i have to learn

Thank you for your time