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    Default Repossession of a Car Bought Without Title Transfer or Bill of Sale

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: tennessee
    I bought a truck from a "friend" about 4 months ago. We agreed on a price of 10,000. I paid 8,000 wen I took possession of truck with the balance to be used to replace 2 fuel injectors. Any remaining money would go to seller. I have not yet replaced injectors. Seller had truck repossessed. No title or bill of sale ever changed hands. He was a "friend". Do i have any legal recourse or just screwed.

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    Default Re: Repo

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    Default Re: Repossession of a Car Bought Without Title Transfer or Bill of Sale

    You can make a police report, although the police may tell you that it's a civil matter.

    You know better than anybody here whether your 'friend' has any money with which to pay you back, should you get a money judgment against him. If he has non-exempt assets you could reach, or income that can be garnished, you should consider that option.

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