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    Default Ex Won't Accept Payments for the Children's Medical Costs

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of:iowa.
    My ex wife and I have 4 children together. Two are over 18 and married. The twin girls live with her and are 17.
    My daughter had surgery ( which I found out about a week later). I am responsible for paying 30% of the uncovered medical after she pays the first $250 per our most recent child support modification ( there are many modifications over the years).
    She is under the impression that I need to pay 50% due to a previous modification.
    I sent her a copy of the decree and a written agreement to pay a minimum of $50 per month to her.
    She texted and states that is not agreeable terms.
    It is what I can afford. ( My child support is current.) I sent her a check for the first payment of $50. It has been three weeks and she has not cashed it. I am preparing to send her a second payment.
    Can she refuse the payments and take me yo court? Any advice?

    I also received the bills (starting in February) at the end of June with a demand for immediate payment. My 30% equals $1000.30.

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    Default Re: Ex Won't Accept Payments for Medical

    Can you just pay it to the hospital or the doctor office or do you have to pay it to her? Or you photocopy the checks you send her and show the dates and if she tries to take you to court you can show the judge "I sent her payments she didn't cash them."

    Another thing - maybe she can set up an account for whatever you have to pay her and you can transfer it into that account.

    I would just pay the damn hospital and then if she takes you to court show the judge "I paid my share."

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    Default Re: Ex Won't Accept Payments for Medical

    I suspect the whole bill will be due to the medical providers much earlier than 20 months at $50 a month. As suggested, you need to try to call the medical offices/hospital that are owed and see if you can work out the payment plan with them, unless she already paid it in full (which many places now require prior to surgery). If so, she is possibly looking at needing to be paid back (even the 30% amount) quicker than you can do so, especially if she put it on a credit card/loan where interest will be accruing.

    What does your CS modification say about timing of payments owed to her for medical expenses? If it doesn't require her to take your written agreement timing and payments, you might have to come up with another way to pay her the full amount.

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    Default Re: Ex Won't Accept Payments for the Children's Medical Costs

    There is nothing in our CS order about timing of paying medical expenses.
    As for paying the hospital directly...she is the guarantor and they will not even answer questions let alone set up arrangements with me. Also, I don't want to be responsible for her not paying her portion and the hospital come after me.
    It has not been paid yet. The hospital did tell me that they will work on payment arrangements for 12 or 18 months. She can do 18 months. I intended to make extra payments when I can.

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    Default Re: Ex Won't Accept Payments for the Children's Medical Costs

    We have similar issues. We contact the medical center (sometimes that takes research), and pay directly to them once insurance has been processed, and get receipts.

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