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    Default Can You Annul a Prior Marriage After You Remarry

    My question involves a marriage in the state of: Arizona

    15 years ago, at 19, I was very young and dumb. A friend in the Navy wanted to move off base, and suggested we marry, so he could do so. I did so. He took me to someone he said was ordained. He had her officiate. I later learned she was not qualified to do so. Additionally, one person signed for both witnesses. At the time, I did not realize the gravity of the situation.

    About a year later, I realized what a terrible decision it was, fraud included. I payed a lawyer $600, and he said because the groom was deployed, and I didn't know where, that he could arrange an annulment, without him. I was told it was finalized.

    Fast forward, I am now again married. I happen to randomly think of my previous mistake, and went to look up court records. I can't find any indication that any sort of annulment was done. Additionally, I see court would have been part of the process. This never occurred. I was scammed.

    Is there any way to void the first marriage? In good faith, I believe it to be annulled, under fraudulent circumstances, before remarrying.

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    Default Re: Divorce

    Have you been able to determine whether the marriage itself is on record?

    Arizona marriage records are maintained by the county superior court in whatever county the marriage occurred.

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    Default Re: Divorce

    Yes, unfortunately. I do see the marriage record, when I look online. Nothing else indicating it was dissolved.

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    Default Re: Can You Annul a Prior Marriage After You Remarry

    Having regrets for marrying the wrong person is not a basis to obtain an annulment. Annulment based upon misinformation on the marriage certificate is possible only if correct information on the marriage license would have rendered the marriage (not the license, but the actual marriage) void -- such as concealing an incestuous relationship, or misrepresenting that a minor (< 18 years of age) party to the marriage was an adult.

    The big issue here is that if you're still married to your first husband, your current marriage is void. If that's the case you need to consult a family lawyer about actually terminating your prior marriage, and you need to remarry your husband so that you have a legal marriage.

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