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    Default When Can You Get Retroactive Unemployment Benefits

    My question involves workers compensation law for the state of:
    I have been unemployed sense April 14th 2017 and I resubmitted my unemployment application on June 25th 2017 because I've never received anything. I'm behind in bills rent and my children's tuition. I filed by weekly and a few job apps. I met all requirements. How do I go about receiving a retroactive payment for the pass 3 months ?

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    Default Re: When Can You Get Retroactive Unemployment Benefits

    When you asked the agency why they had not processed and/or approved your April 14 application, what did you learn?

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    Default Re: When Can You Get Retroactive Unemployment Benefits

    And why did it take over two months to figure out that something was amiss?

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    Default Re: When Can You Get Retroactive Unemployment Benefits

    what was the reason you were unemployed? (that matters and can possibly disqualify you, but you would normally get documentation of the reason for disqualification and have the chance to appeal)

    did you not get any documentation of the first filing or any response from the 1st/2nd filings?

    are you sure that the social security # that you gave matches the one from your paperwork at your prior employer? Have you called the HR dept at your prior employer to see if they received any questionnaire/documentation from the UI group? Have you called the state and asked? Do they have the correct address?

    Lots of reasons, but you have to be the one to narrow it down....

    Each state is slightly different, so if you don't provide what state you are speaking of, we can't give much beyond general help.

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    Default Re: When Can You Get Retroactive Unemployment Benefits

    When you filed your claim, you should have immediately received some sort of record or documentation that you had filed it. That's if you did it on line. If you did it by telelphone, they'd have sent you something very quickly. They'd have told you whether or not you qualified based on past wages. Then you'd have been instructed to make weekly certifications for benefits beginning after the week you had filed the claim had passed. It is your responsibility to read the material and understand what your weekly certification responsibilities are. They will usually send you something in writing, or send something by email, something very immediate telling you that you have filed the claim and if you have monetary eligibility for a claim or that you do not. You say you
    filed again on June 25th. Heard nothing, talked to no one, still?

    To have eligibility, to have a claim that sets up would mean that you have been working for covered employers during about the last two years. This means you have the right to file a claim, and it will be set up and processed, REGARDLESS of the reason you were let go or terminated or lost your most recent job. From the sound of what you are telling us, you did something, but you didn't do what it takes to get a claim filed in the state of whatever state you are in, please let us know what state this is, incidentally.

    If you have been making the required weekly certifications to be paid for unemployment insurance for that certain week, and there has been a delay in the processing of the claim, there is some possibility that you can be back paid for the weeks since you first filed. But you should've, within a week or two of hearing NOTHING from them, have called them and spoken with someone, even if you had to hold the phone for a very extended period, or had to request an answer to an email system or something. Sitting passively and waiting until they contacted you again was a big mistake.

    Unemployment insurance is just that, insurance. You have to file for it and qualify for it. You don't just throw something in there and then sit for extended periods waiting for someone to help you. They do not give it based on need, and you do not have to be low income to receive it. However, they have no problem, if you have not done what it takes to file correctly, not granting you payment for weeks you haven't certified for. "I just didn't understand the process" is a pretty thin excuse. Get on the ball and get yourself legitimately signed up for a claim. Begin making the weekly certifications. They're quite used to helping people do this, and telling people what to do to get unemployment benefits, I can't understand why you haven't gotten back with someone somewhere in the system and gotten some answers by now.

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