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    Default Can a Storage Company Exclude an Heir from the Storage Unit if the Tenant is Deceased

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: my mom has a public storage unit she passed away the alternative person that was allowed access was a friend who lived in LA County due to the fact I am up in Orange County I'm her only child I have called the storage unit to inform them of her passing there is a will and death certificate I have they told me no one is allowed access to the only person authorized I told them that I have her will and I am her daughter I have my birth certificate everything and they told me no that they will not give me any access even after I see the will states she left me items in the storage unit well come to find out the person who is authorized was able to take everything out of the unit 2 days after her death now the person has been uncooperative with contacting me or getting any in her belongings I know it City he lives in and his name but I don't know his page where exactly he lives what can I do when is it legal for a storage unit to do that what are my options

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    Default Re: Public Storage Units Deceased

    The storage company did the right thing. While your mother may have given those things to you in her will, they do not become yours until her estate distributes them to you. The storage company would not want to give you access only to find out later that you were not entitled to goods stored there. The estate personal representative would have had the ability to take control of her things in the storage unit, but it would not have been possible to get that done in two days. What would need to be done now is to have the estate personal representative contact the other person to recover the property that was taken and, if necessary, bring an action in court to get an order requiring the other person to turn over the stuff from the storage room. If there is no estate personal representative you or someone else will need to step up and start the process.

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    Default Re: Public Storage Units Deceased

    Nothing to see here.

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