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    Exclamation What to Do if You're Ticketed for Driving on a Suspended License

    My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: Montclair California

    Ok my story as follows

    I was driving down a main road around 2 am "please note i am homeless living in my truck" looked to my right i seen in the back of a shopping center a car with its lights off and as i was continuing to drive
    he turned on his lights and proceeded in the main road i paid no more attention. so i passed a drive in to the shopping center a few feet knowing there was no traffic of any kind i stopped and backed up
    and then proceeded into the shopping center and then parked in front of a restaurant. and i seen the same car again going across the shopping center off to the side of the shopping center. i removed the keys to my truck and then got out as i had to pee. so i walked around to the side of the building where some bushes were and then again seen the same car with his lights out turned on his lights then went pass me to the front of the shopping center again i figured it was a security guard. i did my business in the bushes. and then proceeded back to my truck and noticed that same car driving around again then stopped within 50 to 60 feet from where i was. i got in my truck "please note have not even put the keys inside the ignition. was about to put my keys in the ignition the car came up behind me next thing i know i see red and blue lights turned out to be a police officer in plain clothes car. he came up to me asked for my license registration and insurance. i cooperated he then told me my license was suspended and i had a traffic warrant out for my arrest and that city of montclair does not site people at the scene that they take them directly to jail which i was site released within a few hours. come to find out he wriote me a ticket for backing up in the street and driving on suspended license. now my big question is how can he charge me with driving on suspended license if my keys were not even in the ignition yet. why didnt he stop ,e at the time i was backing up.

    if i get this case dismissed can i get my money back for the impound.

    he also towed my truck

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    Default Re: Regarding Ticket I Got for Driving Suspended License

    Well IS your license suspended? If so why would the ticket get dismissed?

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    Default Re: Regarding Ticket I Got for Driving Suspended License

    The officer witnessed you driving the vehicle on the public roadway. It is irrelevant that they keys were not in the ignition after the fact. The officer could have delayed making contact with you after observing the initial violation for any number of legitimate reasons. The specific reason is also irrelevant. The facts are, you committed the illegal backing violation, were driving with a suspended license, and had an outstanding warrant for failing to responsibly take care of penalties for previous similar violations. Nothing in your posts even mitigates, let alone exonerates from the violations the officer witnessed you commit and lawfully and correctly took action for. I’m guessing that the officer actually cut you a break for not charging you with even more violations – like public urination. I also have a hunch that you didn’t have insurance, were committing some sort of vehicle registration violation, and had (maybe multiple) equipment violations.

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