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    Default How to Clear Up Erroneous Criminal Charges on a Background Check

    My question involves criminal records for the state of: California
    I just had a potential employer tell me I had a misdemeanor trespassing charge and a Felony forgery for bad check charge come up in my back ground check from 2015. How is that possible if I have never even talked to police much less gone to court or been charged or convicted, and how would I go about correcting this mistake?

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    Default Re: How to Clear Up Erroneous Criminal Charges on a Background Check

    Start by reading your report and finding out if it is, in fact, a match -- or if they're making a possible match based on partial information. Ask the background check company to correct any errors. If it turns out that there is a charge or warrant that is actually identifying you, you will need to investigate with the court where the case was filed to find out what happened.

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