My brother (M.) is 14 1/2 years old. He and a brother (J.) and sister (K.) were adopted by my father and stepmom 11+ years ago. My husband and I knew that there was some mental abuse going on, but did not know the full extent till this week. His brother, J. is 18 and kicked out, and his stister K. is in college out of state. M. goes to a private school out of state. M. was home for springbreak when trouble hit the fan once more. He called me for help. This week we have been to child services, filled a report, talked with counslers, therapist, etc. They have told us that there is nothing they can do. The abuse prior has no physical marks, and there is minimal documentation. I can tell you that after what I heard, it was hard to stomach. Both from the kids stories to the child services not being able to help. M. has stated repeatedly that he will not go back and if they make him he will run away till they get the idea. There are two families wanting to care for him, my household and my bio-logical brothers household. Can M. try for emancipation when he turns 15? Or do you have another idea. My dad will not give up parental rights without a fight.