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    Default How Can I Get Out of a Bad Contract

    My question involves independent contractors in the state of: South Carolina

    I've gotten myself into a bad contract with a lawyer as described here.

    He is not satisfied with my work, has owed me $4,000 since June of 2016, and thinks I should do endless amounts of extra work and bug fixes for free. Since I invoiced him in June, I have done $8,430.50 worth of work in the name of bug fixes.

    Now, his main spreadsheet has stopped working, and he wants me to fix it for free and finish up the other spreadsheets for no extra pay, at which point, it's assumed he'll pay the $4,000. (But he says that I cannot put any drop dates in his spreadsheets and have to leave the code unlocked, per our terrible contract.)

    What are my options beyond just walking away or continuing to do more and more work for free in hopes that he might one day pay me?

    Is there any way I can salvage this, perhaps by proposing a different contract?

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    Default Re: How Can I Get Out of a Bad Contract

    He owes you money and what you sold him doesn't work.

    Is that about it?

    The advice you got in April still stands.

    In the other thread you wrote:

    I am flat broke and getting broker by the day
    It occurs to me that maybe you should get a regular job (before you end up in bankruptcy) and not be in business for yourself if this is what one client does to you when you don't get paid.

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    Default Re: How Can I Get Out of a Bad Contract

    So, are you saying my only two options are to walk away or just continue to work for him for free? I have other clients who treat me wonderfully and a side job. Since the previous thread, I've basically just dropped this guy, and I'm doing a lot better financially, although I'm still not done digging myself out of the hole he put me in. But he keeps emailing. I don't think there's anything he can do to me (because I believe I'm judgment proof and I don't have much of a name anyway). Of the two options, I'm leaning toward just walking away. Is there any better option?

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