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    Default Job Reference - Can An Ex-Employer Lie

    I worked at an establishment for almost four months, and quit on a bad note because they accused me of stealing from the drawer and shorting cash drops and stealing from the wall safe. They have no proof I did this (because I didn't). I gave my two weeks the day the accusation was made. Question is: if I put them as a reference and they accuse me of the theft (which they have no proof of), and it causes me to not get a job, what legal remedies would I have?

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    Default Re: Job Reference...can they lie?

    It would depend on exactly what they said. If they said you were suspected of theft, you would have no legal remedy, because it is true that you were suspected of theft. If they said outright that you stole, that would be a different story and I would advise you to speak to a local attorney in that case.

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