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    Default Can a Leasing Office Tow a Tenant from an Apartment Parking Lot

    My question involves a possible towing situation in the state of: Pennsylvania. I am a tenet of an apartment complex. if I park my car outside of my apartment along the street I have 1st floor access. if I park my car in the lot of the complex I have 2nd floor access. I decided today that I wanted to walk up the stairs today. I parked in the lot. The leasing office stuck a tow away sticker on my car stating I was parked in a reserved spot, ie: my car was not allowed to be parked there in that lot, also that my registration for the car was out of date. this is the only lot that would be reasonable to park in for my apartment. As of January 1st 2017 in the state of PA registration stickers are no longer issued. the apartment complex does not have reserved spots for the tenets as well as we do not have parking permits or anything. my car is registered, up to date on said registration and is listed on my lease. I pay my rent, I have every right to park there. I plan on parking there in the future. can they tow my car? and if they do tow it what rights do I have?

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    Default Re: Can a Leasing Office Tow a Tenant from an Apartment Parking Lot

    As your landlord may not be aware of the change in the law, remind your landlord that the law has changed. Here's a handy link.

    You can review your lease (and any community rules made enforceable through your lease) to see what it says about parking, where you are supposed to park, and what parking is deemed reserved. If you find no restrictions, and there are no signs on the spot in which you parked indicating that it's reserved, ask your landlord to better explain its contention that you were parking in somebody else's reserved spot.

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    Default Re: Can a Leasing Office Tow a Tenant from an Apartment Parking Lot

    The word is tenant, by the way. Tenet means something else.

    "Only reasonable lot" doesn't give you rights to park there. There's no obligation (unless such is specified in your lease) for them to provide you parking at all. You're going to have to ask the landlord, as Mr. K suggests, as to what your parking rules are supposed to be.

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