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    Default How to Get a Child Support Order Once Custody is Decided

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Actually, the question involves support. I have custody of my minor son (here in Texas). When custody was obtained, the Court neglected to address support. The actual custody order has "0" notated in the "support" section. The Order was issued without any direct participation from me, or the other party (order taken into Court and signed.) I filed a request with the Texas AG to establish CS (since CA chose not to). TOAG requested LACCSSD (LA County) establish a Support Order 07-14-2015. My required documents were filed (by someone in CA), and a "Notice re: Request for Support" was filed March 2017. Yet, neither Texas or California can figure out why it has taken almost two years, and still no support order. TOAG and my State Reps office have continually told me that "these matters take time." Since CA has neither issued a support order, or is very cooperative in doing so, can Texas file a support order (since there is no existing order), and present an IWO directly to the other parties employer? This is exactly how it was done when I paid CS. I am under the impression that CA has no continuing jurisdiction in matters pertaining to CS. Any advice, or info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Texas California Dance

    Why don't you just file the motion to modify on your own and serve DCSS?

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