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    Default Happy Ever After?

    im a us citizen and live in IL. my boyfriend came here over 15 years ago with his family who let their visas expire, but they were able to get sponsored by his grandparents. the green card process took a bit too long and my boyfriend was the only one in his family that lucked out on being able to get his green card before he turned 21. now he's not under some grandfather clause and is just here illegally. we've talked to an immigration lawyer before who said that if we get married, my boyfriend wont be required to go back to his country. is this true? is there any way to get married and be assured that he wont get deported?

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    Yes, since he came here legally (and hopefully has all his entry documents i94...), if you marry, you can petition your spouse for residency. At the same time he would petition to adjust his status from out of status to a permanant resident. There is a whole series of steps and forms you must take.

    Please and read up on immigration through a family member (Spouse).

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