I applied for a cooking job at a CRTC Food Service (on base). I have had two phone interviews, been told my app and resume look great, and have every confidence I will get the job. My in-person interview is next week, and I was just told that everyone who enters the base must have a "security clearance".
In 2003 I was arrested and charged with two felonies, but both felony charges were dropped the next day when the arresting officer further investigated and discovered my estranged husband had lied. Both the officer and the Pros. Attys Office "went to bat" for me, I was allowed to pay a small fine on a "careless driving" plea, and it was over with. I have the paperwork on all of this. I also have a statement from the Prosecuting Attys Office confirming that I was never issued a ticket, and have no tickets on my driving record.

Do I need to be concerned over this "Security Clearance" check? Will the arrests keep me from being hired, even though they were dropped?
Thank you, Nan