My question involves insurance law for the state of: New York

An adjuster of the at-fault's carrier stated that although my insurance company deemed my vehicle a total loss because repairs exceed the 75% threshold, the at-fault carrier has not deemed it totaled because the threshold of a third party claim is 100% and their estimate has not reached such or is on the border.

Aside from talking with the carriers, a repair shop provided me with an estimate and the mechanic stated that my damages were above the threshold and he could not get them below. I know insurers have their own policies but I thought they must comply with state laws as well.

I want to know if what the adjuster stated is true because I cannot find such info anywhere not even in regulation 64. Are there different thresholds for first party and third party claims in the state of New York or does the 75% threshold apply to all claims and all independent out of pocket repairs?

Thanks in advance for the response.