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    Default How to Marry Without Affecting Public Benefits

    Two elder seniors wish to marry currently getting benefits..can not afford to lose these. Is marriage out of the question or can it be done out of the US and not recognized here>?:

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    Default Re: Marry in Another Country That Will Not Interfere with Receiving Benefits Currentl

    Why is it so important to them to get married?

    A marriage is a marriage, wherever it takes place. If they lie about it or fail to disclose the marriage they can be facing serious trouble, as well as loss of benefits.

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    Default Re: How to Marry Without Affecting Public Benefits

    What aspect of marriage is so important for them? If they want to "marry" without affecting public benefits, they can then "do all the aspects that are of interest to them without actually getting married legally. They can consentually live together or cohabitate. They can write each other into their wills. They can hold a ceremony similar to a wedding ceremony where they each invite their closest friends and relatives in a celebration of who the two of them are. They can then go on a vacation together after that ceremony so as to resemble a honeymoon. The only thing they should not do is to claim each other as being married by law in any of their documents, such as their tax returns.

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    Default Re: How to Marry Without Affecting Public Benefits

    They should also make sure they're not in one of the few states left that recognize common law marriages and meet that statutory definition.

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    Default Re: How to Marry Without Affecting Public Benefits

    What specific benefits? Food stamps or Medicaid?

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