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    Default Neighbor's Construction is Damaging My House Foundation

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Saskatchewan. This in Canada. My neighbors house burnt down due to tenant neglect. I had to use my own insurance for the damage to my home from it. Now they are rebuilding, within three feet of my home. They dug a pit last spring.
    Poured the walls last fall. Building standards inspector promised me on the phone it would be backfilled by first snow. It's now May and it's still not backfilled. My foundations have shifted. My friends had warned me of this due to ground heave with ice and snow and I had warned the inspector last year of my concerns. He is not returning my phone calls.

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    Default Re: Neighbors Rebuilding Affecting My House Foundations

    That wasn't up to the building inspector to promise you anything and I can guarantee he will have amnesia and, as a public official, likely immune to lawsuits anyway.

    Your remedy is with the builder and/or the owner for damaging your home.

    Time to lawyer up.

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