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    Default Who is Responsible for Paying Cleaning Costs When a Roommate Moves Out

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: British Colombia (Canada)

    I have an "unique" circumstance... I was living with the landlord and daughter for almost 2 years. She decided it wasnt working and that she wanted to move out, I am dating her brother/ the landlord son, so daughter was to move out and the son move in. She moved out but left her bedroom and attached bathroom a complete mess. I have scheduled professional cleaners to come (the shower is pink from bacteria it's gross I think the grout is permanently stained). I notified the landlord that carpet and house cleaners were booked (his daughter gets everything paid for by the dad/landlord and doesn't know anything about renting and won't reply to any of my messages) and that we would send him the bill (as no attempts were made on their part to clean, the landlord helped his kid move out). He responded that the bedroom and bathroom was not included in my rent ans that I have no say in what happens, as,
    He claimed, that the messy rooms
    Are the sons only..... we are dating ans had openly planned the messy room to be a game room and currently my bedroom to share. This whole thing is redundant, the landlord doesn't know any of the rules, courtesies or anything involving renters.

    Basically I'm wondering if he is responsible to pay for carpet and room cleaning (a small a tenant I shouldn't Be responsible to clean up after an ex tenant) because the roommate left it In unacceptable condition upon leaving (sticky walls, gross carpet full of stains and hair)

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    Default Re: Roomate Moved Out and Left Mess. Who is Responsible for Paying Cleaner Cost

    British Columbia is not a U.S. state. This is a U.S. forum. You need to look for answers from a Canadian lawyer or Canadian legal resource.

    That said, if you are stating that you hired cleaners to clean a bedroom and bathroom that have always been separately rented from the rooms and common areas that are covered by your rental agreement, then your landlord is correct -- it's not your business to hire cleaners for areas that you do not rent. If with the departure of the landlord and the landlord's daughter, you want to renegotiate your rental agreement to be for the exclusive rental of the entire premises, you may attempt to negotiate that agreement. To the extent that you want the landlord to cover the cost of cleaning the areas you assume under a new, exclusive arrangement, you should make sure that you work out those details, in writing, in association with your entry into the new lease.

    As it stands, it sounds like your landlord is taking the position that you rent only your bedroom and access to the common areas, and that the other room and bathroom may be rented out to a separate tenant.

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