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    Default Can Your Ex- Evict You From His Parent's Home

    My question involves tenant law in the State of Florida:

    This is going to be lengthy due to unusual circumstances. Okay, My b.f. ended the relationship 3/24/17 and told me to move out. Threatened eviction too. I have no car no family only child no siblings and only have a part time job 20-25 hrs a week min. Wage. Also live in a city with no bus transport. Only been using Uber which takes half my pay ck.

    His 87yr old dementia mom owns the hm but did not live in it since 2013. we moved in Oct. 2014. The hm was in preforeclosure her son got the mtg caught up. Mom never quit-claimed deed to her son. She is a life estate heir. Her son (my b.f. then) moved mom back into the hm 12/24/16 because she threatened him to take her from daughters hm or she would drive to her hm 55miles away. The daughter was ready to put mom in a nursing hm in Jan 2017 that didnt happen.

    Since she got to this hm its been a living hell shes mean cantakaris to me & Ive been more than good to her but she lies to her son that I dont feed her or harrass her. He tx God knew it wasnt true but I believe among other things that she is the demise of our breakup. Her 1daughter of 3 told me mom said she told her son to kick me out. However he has all kinds of excuses 1 in particular that his boss told him to kick me out cuz he wasnt focused at work. Let me mention Ex b.f. is in active addiction but his boss enables him as does mom with money. See Im a threat to his addiction. Theres so much more but I need to get an answer as to my rights.

    Can he evict me? Can he throw me out? We had split bills down the middle back in 2014-2015 untill he broke up with me 1st time after he got DUI did jail time 13wknds then tried sobriety again. We were fighting constantly he was crazier sober. So I moved to MD on a jump ship moment which was a disaster. I moved back by having to leave all my belongings behind sold my truck which had a broken transmission in order to get a ride with strangers to Fla. I came back to him but as friends only and did not pay any bills except cable and helped with food. He had 4 guys living here when I got back so they pd mtg and electric. He tried having a sober hm. It didnt last they all moved out. Then we started as a couple again and again all I pd was cable and helped with food did all house chores etc. Ironically, all the mtg pymts came out of my bank account cuz he had me put money in bank and handle paying the bills out of my bank account.

    I know its better for me to get away from him I just cant afford even a rm to share they all want $500 or more a month. Im seeking a second job but just am in fear he can and will evict me and I will lose all my new regained personal items and be in a homeless shelter or in the woods. I've seeked help at churches my church womans shelter but nobody either has openings or cant help. Its wearing me down Im trying to be strong but this man Ive been with sonce 2011 has stripped me of my life and fed me a pipe dream. He was talking marriage it seems now this whole relationship has been a lie. My 16yr old dog died in Feb this year and now he is making me lose the other dog we shared. Its just been too much I really HOPE someone out here in the forum can reach out and give me some direction or advice. I cant be left to live in woods. AGAIN IM SO SORRY FOR THIS LONG THREAD (not yelling just emphasizing) Its just such a abnormal circumstance & I dont have a leg to stand on.

    Plz help.

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    Do you have a lease? I don't think so, but have you ever? Is your mail delivered to that address, and is it on a driver's license/ID?

    Who IS on the deed to the house. If Mother has a Life Estate, someone else OWNS the home as a remainderman, but that is moot until she dies or gives up her LE.

    He probably can't throw you out instantly, but without knowing the rest of the story, it's likely that _someone_ has the ability to evict you. It can take time, though. See if you can get help from Legal Aid in your area, and start planning where you will go and how you will be able to self-support.

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    You appear to be a subtenant to him being the primary tenant. That means he is your landlord and can terminate your tenancy as the law allows. In florida it requires only a 15 day notice. If you have not left by that time he can file an unlawful detainer action and seek to have you evicted by the courts.

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    Quote Quoting jk
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    You appear to be a subtenant to him being the primary tenant.
    To prove standing in court, he would either need to prove that he's the duly authorized agent of the life tenant (his mother) or that he's the primary tenant (renting from his mother).

    When push comes to shove, if you're in an untenable housing situation, the best solution is to find another place to live. The best you can do by fighting your ex-boyfriend on moving out is delaying the day when you'll have to move, while potentially making your living arrangement a lot more tense.

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