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    Question Can a Child Who Receives SSI Also Receive Survivor's Benefits

    My son is 15 years old. He is Autistic & Bipolar and receives SSI in our state of Residence which is KS. His father has never been involved outside of paying child support. He recently went on hospice and has been give days to live, and I have some questions about Survivors benefits. I do know this all hinges on his having accumulated enough credits.

    Here are my questions.
    1. We were never married, but paternity has been established through 1. Signed birth certificate 2. DNA test when he questioned paternity. Is this Sufficient to prove he is his natural child?

    2. Do we need to prove that there are no other Minor children?

    3. Since my son is on SSI , how would survivor benefits affect the SSI? Does it replace it? If its a low amount does it get tacked on to the SSI?

    4. Since my son has been disabled according to SSI since the age of 5 years old ( Developed Autism) , would he receive benefits until he is 22 or for life or marriage?

    5. I no longer have his fathers Social , or even his Birthday. How can I obtain it or do I need it to file for Survivors benefits. I do have the court order for child support and to establish paternity.

    I greatly appreciate the help. I've been a struggling single Mom for a long time. I just want to make sure my son has what he needs. Even with insurance the bills never end , and he stopped paying child support a couple months ago when became too ill to work.

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    Default Re: Can a Child Who Receives SSI Also Receive Survivor's Benefits

    If the fathers name is on the child's birth certificate, that will do.

    If your child receives SSI and his father paid in enough to social security for Survivors Benefits, the SSI will be reduced the amount of the Survivors Benefits. For example if the child receives $735 a month in SSI and the Survivors Benefits are $350 a month, the SSI will be reduced to $385. If the child receives the max amount of SSI, which is $735 a month, he will receive a total of $755 a month. The first $20 of income is not counted when someone receives SSI.

    Shortly before your son turns 18, SSA will evaluate him based on the Adult Criteria for disability. If he is found still disabled, he will continue to receive Benefits off of his fathers record as an Adult Disabled Child. He will also receive Medicare. . If he has no other income and his resources are below $2,000, he will also receive SSI. If he marries, he will not longer be eligible for Benefits as an Adult Disabled Child. Unless he marries someone that is also receiving benefits as an Adult Disabled Child. When a couple is married, the spouses income and resources are counted against the SSI.

    Your son should receive Medicaid now because he receives SSI. If he becomes eligible for Medicare and is low income or still receiving SSI, Medicaid should pay his monthly Medicare Premiums, co/pays and deductibles. He should also be eligible for Extra Help with Prescriptions. That means his co/pays for prescriptions will be set at a low amount for each generic and brand prescription.

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