My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: California.

On 09/22/2016, I received a ticket for "crossing against a red phase trilight" to which I chose to contest by writing a trial by declaration. Once I got my letter explaining my fine and my options, I opted for "Trial by Declaration" in the letter and sent off a check for the full fine amount due along with it a few days later. I then received my Trial by Declaration form, signed it, along with my letter, and sent it back. However, I was then slapped with a $720 fine stating that I failed to appear in court and now the DMV also placed a hold on my driver's license.

The letter was obviously sent in error but despite the print at the top stating that I should contact the courthouse if I received this notification "in error," I could not find a way to speak with an actual person over the phone to communicate this, so my only option was to go to court for arraingment. Is there any other way that I can take care of this without having to go to court without having to take time off from work? I did everything I was supposed to.

At this point, I just want the whole ordeal to be over and for this new additional $720 fine to be dropped.

Thank you so much in advance.