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    Default How to Get an Earlier Start Date for Reinstatement After Driver's License Revocation

    My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: Kansas.

    3 year revocation was effective 03/2015 for driving while suspended on unpaid tickets. The driving while suspended ticket was issued 08/2014. It wasn't until 03/2015 I was found guilty. Therefor the state of Kansas is going by the date I was convicted and not the tickets issue date

    How would I go about convincing a municipal court judge & City Attorney to lessen my revocation time from the conviction date to the date I received the ticket? Reinstatement date is currently 03/2018. I want to try and get my revocation reduced to a reinstatement date of 08/2017. Would this be a reasonable request?

    I can't afford an attorney because of college. Thanks

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    Default Re: Lessening the Reinstatement Date of Revocation

    So you want the revocation to be retroactive?

    It doesn't work that way. You chose to ignore the suspension so now you are paying the price. I wouldn't be surprised if you drive anyway, despite the revocation

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