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    Default False Abuse Accusation in Texas

    I am in need of some help or direction. I live in a rural community in East Texas (the good ole boy network).
    Let me lay my foundation. I have been divorced for better than 5 years from a woman who's child I raised as my own for the entirety of her life, I have maintained a parent/child relationship with this child even after the divorce. A year ago my current wife and I filed for custody of my biological child from the ex, I was unable to file for custody of the other child because I was told that any contact that I had with her was solely out of the kindness of my ex-wife's black heart. Well about 6 months ago I had an arugument with the 15yr old child while driving back from church (just she and I in the car). Four days later I was served with a magistrates protective order preventing me from having any contact with her or the house she resides in. At this time I took off of work and went to see the Justice of the peace who issued the protective order to find out what was going on. After speaking with him he stated that he merely issued the order to humor her (I forgot to mention that she works as a dispatcher for our Sherriff's Dept.) Well I didn't think much of this until around Christmas time when my child from the previous marriage was at my home for my alotted visitation for the holiday when suddenly I find out that a warrant for my arrest had been issued. I went back to the JP to ask him what the deal was and was informed that the warrant was issued by the county attorney not a judge or even the DA. So I went to speak with the county attorney at which time he informed me that he would "Put the warrant on hold until further investigation could reveal more" Well this lasted for about a month when my employer was approached by a member of the law enforcement community and was told that I had numerous felony warrants out for my arrest, for which I was immediately suspended (you can't have a known felon driving an ambulance). Well I went back on a search to find out what warrant I had out to find that the only thing that I had as a pending warrant was this deal with the county attorney which is a misdemeanor at best (he wouldn't return my or my attorney's phone calls at this time). I was informed by my employer that I could return to work after this had been settled. Now again when my child was at my house during spring break low and behold here this thing from the county attorney's office comes again. So what am I supposed to do: every time that I have visitation with my child my ex wife and the county attorney keep trying to have me arrested and when I try to confront the issue it seems to disappear until the next visitation.
    My interpretation of the entire thing is that since I have filed for custody of my daughter she has had 2 fractured arms in my ex-wife's house and numerous illnesses, and I feel that she had to do something to cast a dim light on my household to try to win the custody case.

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    Default Re: False Abuse Accusation in Texas

    Do you have a criminal defense lawyer yet?

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    Default Re: False Abuse Accusation in Texas

    Yes, but we are getting nowhere with this.

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