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    Angry Unwanted Guest Who Will Not Leave

    My roommate let a friend of his start staying at my house back in Nov, I didnt think it was a big deal at the time, but we moved into a new apartment Jan 1st, and told the girl that she could only stay here for a month but needed to be out Feb 1st. That date has long since come and gone, Now she is trying to claim squatters rights. She has never paid anything, she has been asked by everyone in my house to leave and she refuses to. I need to find a way to get her out, Unfornantly though i dont have the money to go and get an eviction and that seems to be the only way that she will leave. Ive tried telling her that she needs to go, Ive wrote a letter that she needs to find somewhere else to go, I dotn know what to do next but she is causing so much stress in my house that i cant take it. My boyfriend is extremely sick and doesnt need all this stuff. Any ideas on what to do???

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    Change the locks one day when she is out.

    Or kick her out under the landlord tenant laws in your state.

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