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    Question Supervisor overturns CPS investigator's findings

    First let me just say I have stayed up for days trying to defend my husband and I with Child Protective Services.

    This is what happened though.... I am an animal lover. There is a rule in my marriage "No more then 4 animals at one time" I have three dogs and one cat that is only a kitten and has only two working legs. The back legs are disabled so she cant crawl into alitter box. We have trained her to use a puppy pad (encased in a frame so it cant be moved) in the livingroom near a corner of that room. She only goes on that puppy pad.

    I Person I am not friends with or know very well showed up at my door step early feb. The person that I am I invited her in .. Ofcourse apologizing that it was a mess. I had explained to her that I was spring cleaning and so everything was out of my cabinets and drawers being redone. Two weeks prior I had also installed hard wood flooring myself in my bedroom so alot of my bedroom items still needed to be organized. I had clean dishes on my stove top and dusty ones in the sink to be rinsed off and dried to be put back in the cabinets.. My floor was dirty because I had just broken my vaccum a few days prior and needed a new one. My 4 year old son had just had a bath not even a minute before she rang the door bell so he was only in underwear because thats as far as I could get before the door rang.. My 7 month old was in his bouncing toy that he loves dearly. As far as my house is concerned I had three large. ( and I mean large) bags of toys.. brandnew store bought toys from the disney store on my couch along with wrapping paper and boxes because I was wrapping presents at the same time as cleaning. ( My son turned 4 in 5 days when she showed up)
    She came into my house asked the basic "how is everything"and I fill her in on the past six months.. ( c section recovery.. breaking tendons in my wrists... having about 3 surgeries in a matter of three months... pretty big stuff that should explain why things got so cluttered in six months) I apologized that my dogs ( who were gated up in the front bathroom were potty training and decided to have an accident while I was speaking to her. I told her I didnt have much time because I needed to clean that up before it got thru the entire house as far as teh smell was concerned..
    why am i telling you all this.. because two days later cps shows up.

    Those clean dishes on my stove i was organizing she reported to cps as being moldy and stale and there for days ( i got them out that day) those huge bags of toys.... she told cps were huge maggity bags of trash i hadnt taken out in weeks ( how do toys attract maggets?) wrapping paper was bunches of paper just laying out in messes. my floor she told them i had never touched ( shoot I steam clean about every month) and my animals.... So much feces on the floor you couldnt walk around my living room !!!!! ...( oh she also stated to cps that my 4 year old was eating the feces )-thats just nasty and sick and well ewwwwwwwwwww.

    When Cps entered my house ofcourse i was scared.. We know cps for taking children away from their parents.. when i heard the accusations I just got plum mad. but she told me not to concern myself because it was evident these were false alligations and it happens all the time.. CPS told me this... she came to visit two more times.. told me that everything was great.. I ofcourse hurried my spring cleaning up immensely ( thats alot of stuff by the way) we bought more baby gates so everyroom had one.. we bought all safety supplies even though she said it was nessassary... and then in the beginning of march she calls me to let me know that the case was closed.. she would find me not at fault of the accusations.... I was thrilled...

    three weeks later ( this past friday) I get a call from her supervisor... her supervisor takes a good thirty minutes apologizing but after reviewing the pictures she noticed my framed puppy pad kitty station.. ( no feces on it jsut the pad -clean ) she has no other choice but to overturn the case workers findings and find my husband and I at fault for neglect??? what the??? This woman has never entered my house... she reads the file off to me .. the case worker made us sound like angels I was so happy... but because of a clean? puppy pad? framed so it cant move? i'm being found faulty of neglect???? her words said this... she called it a technicality.. that because my children were under the age of 4 she had to find me at fault.. that my two legged cat if I wished to keep her needed her own room where my children couldnt have contact with her. matter fact its such a technicality that if someone else was reported to cps and they had a cat that used a kitty litter box in a living room they would be found at fault too..because any child can get close to it.
    this same supervisor with cps even encouraged me to take this and try and overturn her decision with the administrative review????inbetween all her apologies to me for overturning the decision. What gets me is in the file.. she reads off " clearly this family was a victim to a fraudelent accusation" or something or another... if that is the case why am I branded as a neglectful parent????

    My husband says we're writing our senate.. state representatives.. we are doing everything we can to not only overturn her decision but make people aware of the problems this can cause.
    I'm also making it aware because I reported my ex husband to cps for leaving 4 inch wide and long bruises all inside my 4 yearolds legs.. "not consistant with a fall " I had my doctor to back me up... or his doctor i should say... and cps threw out his case because of "lack of evidence" and here they are with a fraudelent and vindictive accusation and they find me faulty due to a puppy pad securely placed on my living room floor.. in the corner. let me state that again..IN THE CORNER.
    In the state of Texas by the way ( I was told this by the supervisor) that CPS will not intervien with a child being punished by their parents. IT is far easier to find a person faulty of neglect then actual physical harm... because my son did not have reocurring broken bones after visiting his father that is the reason they had " lack of evidence of child abuse". If you cant figure out what is wrong with cps by reading this thread.. please re read missed something.. but i need every and all website possible to help me fight cps in their decision.
    A few years ago i worked with DSS ( department social services) same thing in Maine.. I know what neglect is.. I was a case worker... I believed fully that people knew how to do their jobs without automatically judging.. now a supervisor who's never met me and never seen my house overturns the lady who saw my house 3 times more then her supervisor did and who talked to me every week....

    Can someone fill me in..and incase you're house was a mess..thats what spring cleaning is..getting it messy so you can spring clean and go to goodwill to drop off the crap you dont want.. it was not unsafe unsanitary and it certianlly did not have a four year old eating cat or dog poop.. thats just gross.

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    Default Re: Supervisor overturns CPS investigator's findings

    As the supervisor told you, she is sympathetic to your situation, but her rules require the finding of neglect. I would heed her encouragement and file an administrative appeal.

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