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    Default Can a Patient be Dropped from a Surgeon's Practice Before Surgery

    My question involves malpractice in the state of: NY


    My name is CENSORED, On March 8th 2017 I went to UB Neurosurgery for a series of X-Rays and MRI's. My Back has been hurting extremely bad and Had read that Dr. Castiglia was one of the best in his field. I found out that I have severe Spondylithese in the L5-S1 region which is pinching off my spinal cord causing the pain in the lower back which radiated down my left leg.
    Some of the Symptoms I suffer with are. Stabbing, Burning, Numbness, Pins and Needles, My leg will just ”Give Out” while walking and I will fall. The Occasional light Bladder leakage, Sexual Dysfunction, Disrupted or complete inability to sleep and the inability to perform certain tasks that require bending and stooping.
    Dr Castiglia was a very polite man who suggested a fusion of the region requiring a cage rods and screws to alleviate symptoms, prevent any further damage and prevent possible paralysis. (This was the one and only time I have been allowed to speak with and or make an appointment to see this doctor.)
    I was then introduced to Dr. Castiglia's Physician’s Assistan. Who’s name I cannot recall at this time she was very polite and scheduled the surgery as soon as possible which was at the end of the month on March 30th. I was offered pain management for the time being which I agreed too with the understanding I didn't want anything to strong. The Physician’s Assistant prescribed Oxycodone 5/325 which I was fine with. Both the PA and doctor were aware of my medical history and I advised again that I had a gastric bypass and was assured it should be fine.
    The next week seemed to go ok until we got a heavy snow storm. In which I had to do a little light shoveling in order to travel and leave my home. This is when the trouble started, I began to experience intense pain and knowing from experience that I irritated my back condition, contacted the doctor to let them know I'm in more pain than usual. The PA called me back with no issue advised I could take two pills to help the pain. I let her know that I did and that it wasn't helping and was getting an irritated stomach and nausea from too much tylenol. The PA got upset with me and scolded me and said “don't ever do that again without my permission first” “Dr. Castiglia has let patients go for far less” . Shocked at her reaction. I apologized and informed her again that I have gastric bypass and Malabsorbtion for medications so I do not get the full effects of medication or their intended duration. She said she would talk with the doctor and get back too me.
    For the next week and a half I had to play phone tag with the office. I had to leave multiple messages that I never got a call back from the PA.
    When I would reach someone all they could do was take my number and promised a call back that I would never receive.
    Out of the few communications I did have with the office I was told my Cell Phone was giving a continuous Busy signal even though no one else has any trouble reaching me.
    One such time someone actually called me back on a Friday it was already after hours and was advised there was nothing they could do because it was after hours everyone went home the doctor was in surgery until Wednesday then they could review my medication. I requested an appointment or to speak with a doctor about the pain I'm in and what happened she said she would do her best.
    By the time I got a call back from the PA she was extremely rude. I demanded to speak with the doctor very angrily because I was hurting and had been waiting a week and a half for help and was now out of medicine.
    The PA screamed back at me saying “The doctor will not call you back so stop trying he is a very busy man and is in surgery! You should feel lucky that it's not you on the table needing helpat this very moment” and hung up the phone on me.
    At this point surgery was less than a week away and have given up on help. I resigned myself to be in pain un medicated laying in bed until surgery.

    The Saturday before my surgery I received a certified letter from UB Neurosurgery advising me that I was being dropped from there practice and that he was available for emergency help only. I called the office and the Secretary had to advise me that my surgery was cancelled…….


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    Default Re: Spinal Surgery Cancelled Without Knowledge Past Gastric Bypass Recipient

    THere's no duty to treat here. The doctor is under no obligation to explain things to you. Find another doctor if you like, you have no claim against this one.

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    Default Re: Can a Patient be Dropped from a Surgeon's Practice Before Surgery

    When you take far more pain medication than was prescribed, then repeatedly contact a practice demanding more, you are going to raise their suspicions -- and that's true whether or not you're a gastric bypass patient. Gastric bypass may cause malabsorption of opiate medication -- and that's an issue you should discuss with your doctor(s), but it is a discussion you need to have beforehand.

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    Default Re: Can a Patient be Dropped from a Surgeon's Practice Before Surgery

    By the way, tylenol, despite its long time over-the-counter status, is not something to be taken lightly. Even healthy people should not take more than 4000 mg a day. Note that many of the stronger things ( opioids like oxycodone) also include acetominophen (the ingredient in Tylenol) so you need to be careful.

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    Default Re: Can a Patient be Dropped from a Surgeon's Practice Before Surgery

    Shoveling the snow was not a good idea for someone in your condition. Doesn't your prescription say to not drive while taking Oxycodone ? These things combined with increasing the pain medication before you were told to do so can indicate you do not follow instructions well. Patients that don't follow instructions have more problems than those that do. Patients that have had gastric bypass surgery often require much more pain medications than other patients, which can cause complicatioins. Some doctors are not comfortable treating patients that will require more pain medications, which is understandable. This doctor is under no obligation to you.

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    Default Re: Can a Patient be Dropped from a Surgeon's Practice Before Surgery

    Be careful when taking oxycodone, I know someone that lost his business, his house and then his kids and wife from that shit.
    I'm not a lawyer, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.......

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