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    Default Car Sales Agreement and Finance Agreement Have Different Figures

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Virginia

    So I bought a vehicle July 2015 and purchased an extended warranty etc.. I was,having some issues with the car recentky so pulled out the paperwork . There is a rather substantial difference from the agreed amount (signed) of $26,862.00 (after titles, fees, etc.) and what is shown and used to secure financing for the vehicle.

    The base price was listed on the agreement as $25,185.00 (before taxes and fees) yet on the itemized finance agreement (also signed) the start price on line 1 is $28,347.02. They then add on the title fees and all of the other bells,and whistles there.

    So my question is, am I completely screwed since I financed the incorrect amount though the agreement price was also signed? What do I do to remedy this now that it is almost 2 years later that I made the discovery?


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    Default Re: Car Sales Agreement and Finance Agreement Have Different Figures

    Sorry but, yeah, you are screwed.

    The time to look for discrepancies is when the contracts are first put in front of you for signature.

    Way too late now.

    No harm in asking the dealer What Up but I can almost guarantee the results will not make you happy.

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    Default Re: Car Sales Agreement and Finance Agreement Have Different Figures

    If you borrowed more money that you were to pay for the car, and that money was forwarded by your lender to the dealership, then ask the dealership to refund you any amount that they received from your lender that was in excess of the contracted purchase price.

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