My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: PA

On Thursday evening I picked up my car from the dealership. They were servicing it due to a recall. I drove it less than one mile to my home. The next morning I drove it approximately 2 miles and parked it in a parking lot of a medical office building. When I came out of the building 25 minutes later, the fire department and police from 2 townships were there. They had just put out a large fire on the front end of my car. It's totaled. Of course I was shocked. The police showed me that they found remains of a 60 page service manual on the battery. They insisted the report will reflect this. The dealership had my car towed back there.

I contacted my insurance company as soon as it happened but they said to see how the dealership responded before starting a claim. The dealership thanked me for being so calm and said they's get back to me later in the day.

That afternoon they called and said to start a claim with insurance because there's no way to determine how the fire was started and they did not find a manual. I told them I have the manual and sent pictures of the manual on the burnt up engine from the scene of the incident. They said to let insurance handle it.

The township said the police report will be ready on Wednesday. I submitted the claim to my insurance company, who told me they'll try to get the dealership to cover my $1000 deductible. I'm *pretty sure* what I owe on the car is roughly the value of it.

My car was also certified pre-owned, with the highest level additional service contract still valid. The one thing I didn't spring for was gap, but like I said I think the only thing that could put me upside down is the deductible.

I'm thinking that the worst case scenario is that I will be given the value of my car minus $1000 and my insurance premium will go up. I'm glad nobody was hurt and nobody else's property got damaged. However, because evidence exists that it is likely their fault (at least that they left a foreign object under the hood), is there more I could be going after? I don't want a brand new car or anything, but surely I wouldn't mind if this gets sweetened, example: reasonable discount on whatever car I get next from them.

I'm not a litigious person, but this sucks.

Thanks for any advice.

More information from OP:

I hope this doesn't give away too much information, but this car brand has had a significant amount of bad press lately.

Also, the police officers gave the disclaimer that they were not arson investigators, but said that where they found the foreign material would surely indicate negligence. My insurance adjuster/investigator (if needed) should be out to see the car early in the week.