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    Exclamation False Police Reports in Illinois

    I need some advise !!
    To make a long story short...My Girlfriends EX Husband is Nonstop accussing me and filing False Police reports on me..My Girlfriend left her Ex Husband 1 year before meeting me so when she and i got together he got furious!

    They are currently battling divorce and custody in court but he tries anything to get at me!

    1 year ago he got me arrested because we got into an argument when he came from his town to My home town and start some mess..we just argued after when when he left he calls my local police and filed chrges on me becouse i hit him....That never happened...police came looking for me and said i did hit him and i got arrested!!...I had to plead guilty for personnal issues at home!

    So later in that year he falsed a report that i threatened him using text messages...

    Now He does it again telling his hometown cops that i am threating him!

    what can i do?

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    Default Re: False Police Reports in Illinois

    Get a lawyer, and work with your lawyer. You did yourself no favors by pleading guilty to a crime you now say you didn't commit.

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