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    Default Emancipation Law in Iowa

    My boyfriend in 14, and would like more than anything to move out of his house. He is constanly fighting with his parents, who do nothing short of verbally abuse him. He has always been told he is a dissapointment and is worthless, and will go nowhere in life. Because he has been told this his whole life he believes it to be true. I do my best to make him see differently but its very difficult when the people he is living with are always saying the opposite. He works, but currently for his father. He had a different job previously, but quit to work where he is now. He is going to try and find a job somewhere else.
    My questions are:
    Is there any possibly way for him to be emacipated?
    What steps would have to be taken for him to get emacipated?
    Who should he talk to about getting emacipated? do you have a phone number or website?
    How much,if anything, will it cost?

    I think thats it, thanks so much!

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    Default Re: Emancipation in Iowa

    I dont even have to look up the Statute there is no way he can be emancipated at 14!

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    Default Re: Emancipation in Iowa

    I kind of figured that's the way it would be. Actually, from what I've read up on there are no laws about emancipation in Iowa, but then I'm read on some other forums about other people that HAVE been emacipated in Iowa, so I know its possible somehow, I'm just now sure how exactly. What is the youngest age he would probably be able to get emacipated? 16? Is there anything else he could do legally? I need to find some way he can be helped, because I know otherwise he's just going to end up doing something dumb like running away, and I relly don't want to get himself into trouble.

    thanks again

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    Default Re: Emancipation in Iowa

    Iowa has no emancipation statute.

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