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    Default What Should You Do if You Accidentally Shoplift

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: CO

    I got a chance last night to go shopping without my 3 month old and my daughter while my husband stayed home.

    So I was kind of rushing and went to several stores and at Target I had to get a few lamps and I had a large vase.
    On checkout I asked if they had some of the matching furniture for my crib I bought, and if I could order it through them ECT.

    The first woman at the register was flustered and spent a few minutes trying to figure something out. Then she called another employee possibly manager and told her I needed help and I went over to her counter. A couple was impatient ly waiting behind me and I we were hurrying she was writing stuff down and she gave me a piece of paper and I left.

    Today I couldn't find the receipt and just the paper she gave me wrapped around my card. I don't know if I paid and I'm panicking reading how other people had bad things happen going back and telling them.

    I think since the items were large and not bagged it made it more confusing.

    I've had a parking ticket in my life and that's it, my entire family is in law enforcement... Should I call them to see if they know?

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    Default Re: What Should You Do if You Accidentally Shoplift

    You can check your bank or credit card statement by phone or internet. Did it not occur to you to do that?

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    Default Re: What Should You Do if You Accidentally Shoplift

    Check your credit card on line, count your cash, come on, you KNOW whether you paid or not! If you find out you didn't, you go in and explain the situation. Take the merchandise back with you. Go to the service desk. They'll probably remember you.

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