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    Default Preparing Final Divorce Orders

    I have the forms and I have all the stuff I need BUT I am trying to get the wording right.


    7. Additional Court orders are as follows:

    The Petitioner will have the ability to move the child(ren)'s residence so that the geographic ties between the child(ren) and the other parent are substantially changed. At this time the Petitioner has no plans of relocating.


    What I am trying to say above is I have the right to move the kids out of the state, etc.

    (could use some help here please. I have full custody and the mother didnt even bother showing up to the court date.)

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Colorado Divorce Language

    I would suggest using a lawyer at least to review your proposed order. I can't say what a court would or would not accept under these circumstances; but for a "stab in the dark", were it my divorce I might propose something like this:
    Quote Quoting Theoretical Language
    Although the Petitioner has no present plan to relocate, due to the nature of the petitioner's employment he may be required to relocate to another city or state to continue or advance his career. In the event that the petitioner relocates to a residence that substantially changes the geographic ties between the child and the other parent, taking into consideration the facts and circumstances of this case, given this Court's evaluation of the child custody best interest factors (CRS Section 14-10-124) as outlined within this Order, due to the abandonment of the child by the other parent, the integration of the child into the petitioner's household and the desirability of continuing the family unit, the history and quality of the parties' relationship to the child, and the other parent having been given notice of this hearing and opportunity to object to this provision, and domestic violence not being a consideration, and with full consideration of the factors outlined in CRS Section 14-10-129, this Court finds that it is in the best interest of the minor child that relocation be permitted without further proceeding by this Court. In the event of relocation, the petitioner shall fashion a reasonable parenting time schedule to facilitate the continued relationship between the child and the other parent, subject to the approval of this Court.

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