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    Default Class B Misdemeanor Record in Utah


    In Aug 2000 I was pulled over in Utah and ticketed for Driving Without Insurance. I moved out of state shortly after that and never dealt with it until May 2006, at which time I pleaded guilty to the charge (a class B misdemeanor), paid the fines, had the warrant for failure to appear cleared, cleared my suspended license, got SR22 insurance, etc. I still live out of state, have a great job, no further problems with the law I work for a credit union and prior to my employment they conducted a background check including a criminal check because as employees we have to be bonded and insured, etc. I was hired Sept 2005, prior to my "conviction" of this charge, so I assume it showed no record. I don't know the requirements of my employers insurers, but is having this charge on my record something I should really worry about? Should I inform them? Should I wait the time period Utah requires to request expungement for this charge (3 years) and deal with it then? Or is a class B misdemeanor on my record not that big of a deal? Thanks for any help!

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    Default Re: Class B misdemeanor in Utah

    Whether or not your employer requires you to inform it of changes in your driving record is a matter of policy. You would need to check with your employer to determine its policies.

    If the insurer runs your driving history it can be expected to discover the violation, and you can expect your employer to learn of the conviction if that happens.

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