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    Default Is a Student Allowed to Make Video Recordings on School Grounds

    In California, is it legal for an enrolled student to record video on the grounds of the school? Can a school confiscate a student's phone for making recordings?

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    Default Re: Is a Student Allowed to Make Video Recordings on School Grounds

    I'm going to assume that this question relates to a K-12 school. It is legal for students to record video in public places on school grounds, but the school can impose rules restricting where and when video may be recorded and may even forbid students from recording video or using smart phones without specific permission. If a school has rules against recording, the student violated those rules, and the school has a cell phone confiscation policy, the student can be disciplined for breaking the rules and the student (or the student's parents) can recover the phone consistent with school policy.

    If this was an arbitrary action by a teacher or staff member, with no actual rule violation by the student, then the student (or the student's parents) can protest the confiscation and any discipline through the school administration and, if necessary, the school board, or (once all administrative remedies are exhausted, and if they have money to burn) even through the courts.

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