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    Default What Can You Do if Your Neighbor Blows Snow Onto Your Property

    My question involves personal property located in the State of: Connecticut

    We had a snow storm this past Thursday and around 7:30pm my neighbor returned home and proceeded to snow blow his driveway. We have been feuding for 15plus years now over ridiculous things. So I have put up a fence going down the whole length of his driveway and I've also had to put up cameras to protect myself for the times he calls the police on me for again ridiculous things. Now my camera that is on the back corner of my house which over sees his driveway and my fence was white out due to the weather so I don't have any recording of him and I just happened to be in the shower so I couldn't catch him in time to record, but he snow blowed purposely over my fence and plastered the side of my house and also he was aiming for my camera. It was so loud that I could hear chunks of ice hitting my windows and my house while in the shower. I was able to take a picture of my fence and snow is clearly lining the top quarter of my fence all around the area where my camera is. Now I obviously don't have live video of him hitting my house but I do have the photo of my fence and the snow covering it. Which also raises a safety issue because my gas line and meter are on that side of the house so if rocks/ice do damage to that, I'm going to have a major issue on my hands. So my question is, can he snow blow over my fence and onto my property? Wish I had video footage of this event, but it looks like I'm going to have to wait for the next snow storm to catch him in the act. But what can be done if I do get this footage?

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    Default Re: Neighbor Snow Blowed Onto My Property

    Call the police and report the vandalism while the evidence is still on the property.

    The police might not do anything but at least it will be on record.

    You can also file a private nuisance lawsuit if you want to.

    Unfortunately, crap neighbors will outlive and outlast you. Took me 11 years to figure that out and then I sold my house and moved.

    After 15 years of this I would think you would have figured that out by now.

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    Default Re: Neighbor Snow Blowed Onto My Property

    My immediate reaction is to tell both of you to grow up and stop acting like eight year olds.

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    Default Re: Neighbor Snow Blowed Onto My Property

    Moving is in the works, but unfortunately money doesn't fall from trees so I'm stuck here at the moment. And I agree that HE should grow up because it's like dealing with an 8yr old when it comes to him and I keep getting dragged into these conflicts with him because for some reason he thinks he owns the neighborhood, instigates a reaction out of me and any little thing I do, he's on the phone calling the police. 15 times he called the police on me last year and they are tired of it just as much as I am. I've done every thing I can do to avoid this guy but he still comes up with ways to aggravate me. Quick example, last week I got out of work and walked my dog around the block. His kid was shoveling the driveway. I walked by his house, walking down the middle of the road and my dog who's on a leash ran over and sniffed a tree at the bottom of his driveway, we continued walking and that was it. No confrontation at all. 2 hours later I've got the police at my doorstep saying that I threatened the kids life. I had to show the police video footage of me walking down the road minding my own business and the office said that he's lying, I came nowhere near his yard or his kid. And STILL nothing was done. So ridiculous, but this is what I have to put up with.

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    Default Re: Neighbor Snow Blowed Onto My Property admit no culpability? Problems such as this generally don't occur in a vacuum. As a neighbor of others I would definitely take it amiss if my neighbor decided to set up camera and record everything that's going on, especially on my property. That is antagonistic.
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