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    Default How to Defend Against a Lawsuit for Theft of Services

    My question involves court procedures for the state of: Arkansas
    I live in Arkansas and I am being sued for a phones internet bill that I did not use. They claim "theft of Internet services". It's civil claims court. I didn't ask for the tablet, to barrow it, nor did I agree to pay anything. They just gave it to me. They claim I used $1,500 worth of Internet in a matter of days. I know these ppl and they won't pay their bill even if they win. And I have reason to believe they got there bill either reduced or dropped of the Internet charges. Can they sue me for a bill they havnt paid yet? Don't they have to show proof they have paid the bill? How can I owe someone money from a bill that hasn't cost them anything?
    And since I never made an agreement or agreed to pay anything, would I win? Any help would be great appreciated

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