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    Default How to File a Motion for Rehearing in Federal Court

    I am a pro se litigate in US District Court case
    I have been filing documents in CM/ECF for sometime now.
    Recently (1st Feb) I filed Notice of Appeal and when I log into the facility now I see heading “APPEAL I would like to file a timely motion for rehearing under FRCP 60 but not sure if my motion would go to the US District Court for consideration, which I would like, or Circuit Court.
    Any help would be most appreciated.

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    Default Re: How to File a Motion for Rehearing in Federal Court

    You filed an appeal so, unsurprisingly, that's reflected in the court's records. You will still file your motions with the CM/ECF under your account for the district court. If you are confused about how to use your account, speak to the clerk of the court.

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