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    Default How to Defend Against a Lawsuit for Theft of Services

    My question involves court procedures for the state of: Arkansas
    I live in Arkansas and I am being sued for a phones internet bill that I did not use. They claim "theft of Internet services". It's civil claims court. I didn't ask for the tablet, to barrow it, nor did I agree to pay anything. They just gave it to me. They claim I used $1,500 worth of Internet in a matter of days. I know these ppl and they won't pay their bill even if they win. And I have reason to believe they got there bill either reduced or dropped of the Internet charges. Can they sue me for a bill they havnt paid yet? Don't they have to show proof they have paid the bill? How can I owe someone money from a bill that hasn't cost them anything?
    And since I never made an agreement or agreed to pay anything, would I win? Any help would be great appreciated

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    Default Re: What Are My Chances (Civil Claims Court)

    So, DID you rack up those charges?

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    Default Re: How to Defend Against a Lawsuit for Theft of Services

    If I am to try to parse that.... somebody you know had a tablet computer, and they gave it to you apparently not realizing that it had internet service connected to their cell phone account. You used the service and ran up a $1,500 bill on their cellular account. Now they want you to pay the bill, and you don't want to reimburse them. Is that about right? Did you know you were using their cellular account and, if not, what service did you think you were using to access the Internet?

    If you believe that they paid less than the amount they're suing you to recover, use whatever discovery processes are available through the court to try to learn what they paid or, if no discovery is available, ask appropriate questions and request evidence of the bills and payments during the hearing or trial.

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